14. Biodiversity

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Taxonomy is the classification of living beings into domains and then further divided into kingdoms, etc. The three kingdoms of life are: Archaea, Bacteria, Eukarya. This experiment we will be looking at Owl pellets and looking for the bones of different organisms. The purpose is to identify different species or even kingdoms, to help students understand how diverse living organisms are, even is as little space as an owl’s hunting ground.

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Space Cadets Initiative

1. Litter, Fuel, and Earth. Oh my!
2. Biological Ninjas
3. Plast(ic) Off! - Water Rockets
4. Journey Through Space
5. Its Not Rocket Science. Oh Wait, It Is!
6. Pork Choppin'
7. The Drone Zone
8. Rover Mission

Ready for Research

9. DNA Extraction
10. Heredity
11. Gene Expression
12. Evolution
13. Viruses and Bacteria
14. Biodiversity
15. Epidemiology
16. Research Methods

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