15. Epidemiology

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15. Epidemiology

When we are sick our body has an immune system that learns from its mistakes. Humans have the ability to make antibodies to disrupt infections and help white blood cells target antigens. In this workshop students will do a water test experiment to demonstrate how a pseudo antigen, HCL, can be quickly distributed and show how diseases or infections can spread a certain way. Even through something as harmless as water.

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Space Cadets Initiative

1. Litter, Fuel, and Earth. Oh my!
2. Biological Ninjas
3. Plast(ic) Off! - Water Rockets
4. Journey Through Space
5. Its Not Rocket Science. Oh Wait, It Is!
6. Pork Choppin'
7. The Drone Zone
8. Rover Mission

Ready for Research

9. DNA Extraction
10. Heredity
11. Gene Expression
12. Evolution
13. Viruses and Bacteria
14. Biodiversity
15. Epidemiology
16. Research Methods
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