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eMerge Americas eMerge Americas 2016 Recap

Initiative Overview:

View photos from Manifezt Foundations eMerge Americas 2016 exhibit which was located at the Miami Beach Convention Center. On April 18,2016, we attended a tech convention in Miami beach where we had met mass amount of entrepreneurs and like-minded individuals. We had a chance to network with many businesses and schools who were interested in partnering with a S.T.E.M non-profit who wants to bring out the best in children. We captivated a good audience amount with our bio-health volunteers. We demonstrated the bio-health aspect by dissecting a boar’s heart in our booth.

We had an engaging audience that included both children and adults. The audience asked our volunteers numerous questions about bio-health, coding, and robotics during our time at e Merge Americas. Being a S.T.E.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) non-profit organization, people wonder how does a boar’s heart correlates with robotics and coding. We’ve peaked the convention’s interested with our bio-health department. We were excited to see how engaged both children and adults was interested in our non profit organizations. In our photos, we had people inquired about our coding department as well as the bio-health.

It was explained how knowing multiple coding language can also help diversify the workforce with helping bring multiple companies to Miami . As one of the biggest tech conferences in the South East region it was venue where over 140+ plus startups competed against each other to get Venture funds from every stage from the seed stage to the mature stage. In this two day event over 100,000 attended this event to showcase Miami as the next emerging tech hub, this is just the first step to Miami realizing her true potential. It was a great experience to see multiple business with innovative ideas and concepts that can potential be the next unicorn and really put Miami on the map.

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