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501(C)(3) Nonprofit

Community Development Programs

Implementing STEM Initiatives to impact Education

and Workforce Placement in Under-Served Communities
Science in the City

Hands-on career-based STEM Education workshops for kids 6 to 18 years occurring throughout Miami-Dade and Broward County

Youth STEM Program

Extensive hands-on stem education program for children 8-18 infused with experiments tailored to spark their interest in STEM, so we can transition into showing them the potential careers in those areas.

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What & Why

STEM Nonprofit Enabling Economic Development

At the forefront of educational innovation, the Manifezt Foundation is dedicated to advancing Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) programs, personal development opportunities, and technological initiatives within the underserved communities of South Florida. In collaboration with corporate partners, governmental bodies, and local champions, we are reshaping the technological landscape of the Southeast region.

Our mission is to harness South Florida’s rich cultural tapestry, transforming it into a pivotal technological hub that bridges the United States with the Caribbean, and Central and South America. We recognize that the educational resources often taken for granted in middle-class American schools—resources that ignite a passion for science and technology—are sorely lacking in many minority communities across the nation. These communities frequently contend with outdated or malfunctioning equipment, depriving them of even the most basic hands-on scientific experiences. Guided by a belief in the principles of capitalism, Manifezt is committed to leveling the playing field, ensuring that every individual in America has the opportunity to pursue the American Dream, irrespective of family wealth or community background.

The region stands on the brink of industrial diversification, with signs of gentrification hinting at the possibility of higher wages and progressive community development. While South Florida has long been recognized for its hospitality industry, there is a growing recognition of its potential for broader economic growth. Philanthropic organizations are increasingly investing in nonprofits that serve the community, contributing to a vibrant support ecosystem. Manifezt is an integral part of this transformation, equipping the nation’s youth, veterans, and the formerly incarcerated with the skills necessary to enhance the region’s workforce and drive its economic evolution.

Programs & Initiatives

Research. Education. Opportunity. Workforce Placement.

Science in the City

Space Cadet Initiative

To combat this trend, we developed our forward thinking “Science in the City” program to show the youth how different things they learn in science class will be used throughout a specific career – our first career path being a Space Cadet. Throughout the program, we explore topics ranging from earth & space, technology, robotics & engineering, to life sciences.

  • Earth & Space
  • Technology
  • Robotics & Engineering
  • Life Sciences

Youth STEM Program

Inspiring Future Innovators
with Coding, Robotics, and Life Sciences

Educational Pipelines

  • A: Coding and Development
  • B: Robotics and Engineering
  • C: Biology, Chemistry, & Environmental Science

Age Range: 8-18

Overview: Extensive hands-on stem education program for children 8-18 infused with experiments tailored to spark their interest in STEM, so we can transition into showing them the potential careers in those areas. Free for all kids, our volunteers expose participants to high level Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math projects that will inspire some of tomorrow’s greatest innovators.

Future Programming

In Development

Recently Incarcerated

  • Career Skills Training (STEM Fields)
  • Mental Health
  • Second Chance Mentoring
  • Workforce Placement

Age Range: 16 – 30

Overview: Providing viable second chance opportunities to America’s Recently Incarcerated, our personal development tracks include STEM field skills training, mental health, and workforce placement through our partners.

Manifezt Foundation’s Second Chance pipeline program is a PhD led tiered support system that works with local communities to understand the need for work placement for recently released inmates. It implements a structured educational and reintegration program that is part psychology, part academic, and part trade-skills oriented to ensure participants are both mentally and educationally prepared to transition into a contributing member of society.

Military Veterans

  • Career Skills Training (STEM Fields)
  • Mental Health
  • Workforce Placement

Age Range: 21+

Overview: Having served America through Air Force, Army, Navy, and Marine enlistments, we honor our Military Veterans by providing career transition programs for Vets.

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