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Educating Tomorrows Innovators

Youth STEM Program

Hands-On Supplemental Courses for Institutional Education

Inspiring Future Innovators

with Coding, Robotics, and Life Sciences

Extensive hands-on stem education program for children 8-18 infused with experiments tailored to spark their interest in STEM, so we can transition into showing them the potential careers in those areas. Through Manifezt Foundation’s Youth STEM Program, our volunteers expose participants to high level Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math projects that will inspire some of tomorrow’s greatest innovators.

Coding & Business Development
Robotics & Engineering
Life Sciences

Youth Initiatives

  • Science in the City
  • Stem Saturday’s
  • Institutional Locations
  • Hackathon
  • Annual Stem Competition
  • Open Awareness Forum

Coding & Business Development
Designed to immerse participants in the entire life cycle of starting, operating, and scaling an emerging technology company, this program aims to give students the educational building blocks they need to develop their own websites and mobile applications.

The children are taken on a journey through business planning, UX/UI design, front-end development, back-end development, testing, deployment, marketing, and scaling the peer selected concept. As part of this pipeline, participants will actually build, publish, and monetize a working mobile app for either iOS or Android.

Educational Pipeline A: What's Learned

Section 1: Business Strategy

  • Concept & Planning
  • Company Structure
  • Business Model & Monetization
  • Financial Literacy & Accounting

Section 2: Tech Infrastructure

  • Scale & Cost
  • Platform & Benefits
  • Cloud Computing
  • Database & Cyber Security

Section 3: Functionality

  • Creative Direction
  • User Experience
  • User Interface
  • Identifying Required Assets

Section 4: Coding & Development

  • Program Languages
  • Development Cycle
  • Optimization
  • Test Product
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Robotics & Engineering
This challenging program was created to help those in the poorest communities adjust to the ever changing workforce and preparing them with the necessary technical skills to be directly involved all things automation.

Utilizing the latest robotic STEM kits and injecting unique educational plans with influences from Lockheed Martin and MIT, the Manifezt Robotics and Engineering pipeline is geared to groom the world’s next rising stars by teaching them the fundamentals through hands on course work, then aggressively transitioning into advanced robotics.

Educational Pipeline B: What's Learned

Section 1: Theoretical

  • Assessment: Hands-On Bot Build (Rover, Drone, & Quad)
  • Practical Applications (Real World Comparables)
  • Conceptual Modeling (AutoDesk, Ros Indigo, & RobotC)

Section 2: Engineering Competencies

  • Project Planning / Strategy
  • Sourcing Materials
  • Prototyping

Section 3: Components

  • Power Source
  • Actuation & Sensing
  • Manipulation
  • Interaction & Navigation

Section 4: Programming

  • Platforms Introductions (ex: Linux, RaspberryPi, & Arduino)
  • Modules & Sensors
  • Data-Logging & Scientific Methods
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Life Sciences
In collaboration with local universities and educational training facilities, this educational pipeline is geared towards exposing participants to Human Biology, Chemistry, Life Sciences and Genetics, through group experiments which include projects such as cadaver dissection, insect organ harvesting, mixing chemical compounds, and experimenting with prosthetic limbs.

Educational Pipeline C: What's Learned

Section 1: Exposure & Capacity Assessment

  • Biology: Dissections (Heart, Brain, Eyeballs, Insects) & DNA Structures
  • Chemistry: Chemical Compound Reactions
  • Earth/Space: Habitation & Plant Growth

Section 2: Human & Animal Biology

  • Understanding Structure of DNA
  • Structure of DNA: Barcoding & Elise (Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay)
  • DNA Manipulation using RNAi Mechisms (Ex: dpy-13 gene)
  • Mammal Dissections

Section 3: Chemistry

  • Polymer Applications: Slime, Synthesis, & Bounce (Sodium Borate)
  • Chemical Kinetics & Equilibrium (Compound Reactions)
  • Properties of Matter (Gas, Liquid, Solid, & Nuclear)
  • PH Testing (Liquid & Soil)
  • Spectroscopy (EM Emission & Absorption)

Section 4: Physical & Earth/Space Science

  • Creation of Force, Energy, & Motion
  • Heat & Thermal Dynamics Concepts
  • Introduction to Rocketry & Flight
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Our Impact

What We've Done

Youth STEM Program

Pig Dissection STEM Workshop at Larcenia Bullard Plaza

Science In The City: 12/3/2022

Youth STEM Program

Heart Dissections at Larcenia Bullard Plaza

Science In The City: 11/19/2022

Youth STEM Program

Water Rockets STEM Workshop at Larcenia Bullard Plaza

Youth STEM Program

Grand Opening Ceremony Recap of Larcenia Bullard Plaza in Richmond Heights Florida

Litter, Fuel, and Earth. Oh My! at Coral Gables Library Youth STEM Program

Litter, Fuel, and Earth. Oh My! at Coral Gables Library

Science In The City: 9/29/18

DNA Extraction at Miami Lakes Library Youth STEM Program

DNA Extraction at Miami Lakes Library

Science In The City: 9/22/18

Litter, Fuel, and Earth. Oh My! at Shenandoah Youth STEM Program

Litter, Fuel, and Earth. Oh My! at Shenandoah

Science In The City: 9/22/18

DNA Extraction at Southwest Regional Library Youth STEM Program

DNA Extraction at Southwest Regional Library

Science In The City: 9/8/18

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