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501 (C)(3) Nonprofit

About Us

We transforms idea into workforce pathways, through STEM Education.

Our Story

Rooted in the vibrant city of Miami, the founders of the Manifezt Foundation have long recognized the profound disparities in educational quality across different neighborhoods. Armed with statistical evidence of these disparities, they united with a singular vision: to effect meaningful change in STEM education within South Florida and address the significant income inequality prevalent in Miami-Dade County, which stands as one of the most pronounced in the nation.

Our strategy is twofold: to nurture an educated and skilled workforce and to collaborate with corporate partners to ensure that the brightest local college graduates find their place within these organizations. Our goal is to establish South Florida as the premier technology hub on the eastern seaboard.

Left unaddressed, current trends threaten to leave vast segments of the local population unprepared for the high-tech society that is rapidly unfolding. To counteract this, Manifezt is not only committed to empowering the youth but is also expanding its reach to support recently released prisoners and military veterans. By providing additional education and aligning their skills with job opportunities through our corporate partnerships, we facilitate a seamless transition into the workforce.

Our Mission

At Manifezt, we delve into the root of life’s challenges, both at the individual and community level, and strive to offer tangible solutions. Our initiatives are centered around interactive educational workshops that complement traditional education methods. We are dedicated to imparting the in-demand skills that employers seek in a world where STEM expertise is not just valued but is the key to lucrative career opportunities.

By partnering with progressive organizations, we are cultivating a cadre of insightful leaders. Our foundation is committed to mending the socioeconomic rifts that have historically hindered access to opportunities for those from lower-income backgrounds. Our leadership believes in the transformative power of education and entrepreneurship, and we are dedicated to expanding access to the essential resources needed to empower our future trailblazers to realize their potential and contribute to our ever-evolving society

People We're Serving Annually

Collaborating with dedicated individuals, we delve into in-depth research to comprehend the nuanced and broader factors affecting STEM education and workforce placement. Our commitment is to drive meaningful statistical change where our influence can be most effectively exerted, ensuring impactful outcomes in these critical areas.

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