Life Sciences Workshop

In collaboration with…

James W. Bridges Medical Society Stem Saturday’s at Shalom Community Center

FIU Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine Stem Saturday’s at Shalom Community Center

Manifezt Foundation - Community Development Nonprofit Stem Saturday’s at Shalom Community Center

Initiative Overview:

On the third Saturday of every month, the Manifezt Foundation collaborates with Florida International University and the James W. Bridges Medical Society to host the Life Science Workshop at the Shalom Community Center. Participants come together in North Miami to witness and take part in different demonstrations (the first one being the live dissection of boar hearts), and get an introduction to Cardiology. The workshop includes a brief discussion on eating healthy, exercising daily, and some of the major the benefits of having an overall healthy lifestyle.

In addition to teaching about the electrical currents in the human body and some of the different arteries that blood flows through, we touch base on how computer science is revolutionizing the bio-health field – from nano technology, to 3D printing. The goal of the workshop is to expose underprivileged youth to basic medical demonstrations at an early stage in order to increase exposure in both life sciences and computer science as it relates to the health care, in communities where they would not otherwise have the opportunity to unearth those interests. Diversifying the medical field is one of our key focal points at the Manifezt Foundation; one of the ways we aim to build the community. At Manifezt we recognize that without addressing the fundamental issues in these communities at their root cause, the lack of educational opportunities, they will not be able to grow.

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Initiative Photo Recap.