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501(C)(3) Nonprofit

Step Up For STEM

Education Challenge

As we enter our 3rd year of implementing quality STEM education throughout South Florida we need your help to cross the finish line!

Our unique and engaging workshops have served over 1,100 of this nations youth. Our goal is to reach 3x that number this year.

We are challenging you to STEP UP for STEM. By making a donation, you will be a part of our organizations efforts to provide quality STEM education and encourage todays youth to keep an inherent curiosity in science, technology, engineering, and math.

Why Should You Support Us?

Here at the Manifezt Foundation, our mission is to support the economic development of the region by implementing effective S.T.E.M Initiatives that impact Education & Workforce Placement.

As a state, Florida currently ranks 41st in funding per student. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) is the most expensive form of education due to the fact that the subjects require more expensive material and equipment.

With your help, we can acquire the equipment and materials necessary to deliver project-based education for years to come and keep our vision alive. After all, what better way to invest than in our youth ?

Volunteer Driven

Partnerships with regional universities, corporations, and government ensuring our focuses align with the growth of the ecosystem.

Passionate Leaders

Multi-discipline core team that are both creating unique curricula and also implementing our initiatives.

Hand-On Learning

Our founders started the organization because they wanted to increase opportunities. Now Manifezt works within communities to support economic development.

Make The Pledge: Step Up for STEM

We supplement what children are learning in school with hands-on, project-based workshop in an effort to show them the fun side of science while exposing them to new and exciting careers. Every contribution, regardless of the dollar amount, goes towards our equipment needs which range from pigs for dissections, robotics equipment, to laptops to teach coding on. So, any assistance you provide will go a long way. Thank you for caring about our childrens future!!

Heart Dissection

$ 500

Tax-Deductible DonationSupport Life Sciences
  •  18 Pig Hearts
  •  30 Dissecting Scalpels
  • 100 Latex Gloves
Make Donation

Water Rockets

$ 1000

Tax-Deductible DonationSupport Engineering
  • 40 Water Rocket Kits
  • 4 Rocket Launch Sets
  • 40 Recovery Waddings
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Mars RoverCorporate Giving

$ 5000

Tax-Deductible DonationSupport Robotics
  • 10 Arduino & Raspberry Pi 3 Kits
  • 10 Metal Robotic Rovers
  • 10 Flat Screen Monitors
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Small Donations

$ Any Amount

Tax-DeductibleIf you wish to support us but don’t wish to sponsor an entire STEM class, please still make a donation as little as $5.00 in order to support our cause.


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Philanthropic Partnerships Opportunities

Charitable Tax-Deduction

As a certified 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in the United States, all charitable contributions (financial, in-kind, property, stock, etc) are tax-deductible.

Where The Money Goes

The Manifezt Foundation provide programs which are free of charge to its participants. All proceeds are used to obtain workshop supplies for our 1,100+ participants as well as training materials for our 80+ volunteers.

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