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Schoolgirl making diy robot at stem lab Children and Robotics

Children and Robotics

Working with robotics in STEM at a young age can help to develop a wide range of skills. Robotics projects often involve figuring out how to make a robot move, sense its environment, or perform a specific task. This exposure can help children to develop critical problem-solving skills that they…
Reggie Rego
January 31, 2023
Stem education. Girl creating robot at lab STEM and Children

STEM and Children

STEM education is important for young children because it helps to develop their problem-solving and critical thinking skills, which are important for success in the 21st century. STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) are all about finding solutions to real-world problems, and this type of education can help children…
Reggie Rego
January 6, 2023
Back to reality

Back to reality

The world has slowly begun to unfreeze from this pseudo-ice age.  As our events have returned to in-person, people have embraced the learning experiences. Seeing children participate in events and launch drones for the first time all over again sets precedence. We can work to increase critical thinking in children…
Reggie Rego
November 23, 2022
Little boy in white coat drilling toy rocket with toy drill Reach Out Into Space

Reach Out Into Space

Humans have always explored and found new ways to survive, thrive and grow. Space Policy Directive 1 was signed in 2017 to return American astronauts to the moon and initiate long-term space exploration. There are still many challenges to conquer because Earth has all of the requirements to sustain life.…
Reggie Rego
March 8, 2022
Studying with tutor Meet Students Where They Are

Meet Students Where They Are

Education has changed, we must accept how students are learning differently from previous generations. The vast plethora of information has always continued to grow at an astronomical rate. Take medical school, for example, the pep-talk you are given often includes how learning in medical school is like trying to drink…
Reggie Rego
February 4, 2022