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Kaven Jean-Charles Kaven Jean-Charles
Executive Director, Founder

Kaven Jean-Charles

Executive Director for the Manifezt Foundation, Kaven Jean-Charles is guiding the nonprofit toward impacting STEM Education and Workforce Placement.

  • Police Athletic League
  • Miami-Dade Beacon Council
  • Wynwood Tech
  • Miami Made

Recent Articles

Businessman working on tablet using ai. Business technology, IoT Internet of Things, ai concept Artificial Intelligence, where are we going? Kaven Jean-CharlesEducationEngineeringOpinionScienceTechnology
September 14, 2023

Artificial Intelligence, where are we going?

Imagine AI as a smart robot that can learn and do things like solving puzzles, talking to you, or even driving a car. It has come a long way and is getting even better. How far has AI come? AI can now do lots of cool stuff. It can recognize…
January 31, 2023

Children and Robotics

January 27, 2023

Where does the United States rank globally in science?

January 6, 2023

STEM and Children

November 23, 2022

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