Making Magic Happen Donation Confirmation Opinion
December 13, 2017

Making Magic Happen

As a parent, Christmas time is one of the most stressful times of the year. The magic of Christmas is no longer magic for me, because I am the one that makes magic happen for others, mainly my children. And when I say magic, I don’t mean just moving the Elves on the shelf during the night, so our children can continue to believe they are really Santa’s helpers coming from the North Pole to spy on them. What I mean is doing some real magic with our finances, so we can buy the presents on our kids’ Santa list.

Net Neutrality & Innovation Donation Confirmation OpinionTechnology
November 27, 2017

Net Neutrality & Innovation

On December 14th, the Republican-majority Federal Communications Commission (FCC), led by Donald Trump appointee, Ajit Pai (the former top lawyer and lobbyist for Verizon), will likely vote to repeal the Obama-era rules that ensure the net neutrality we currently have in America is held in place.  Net neutrality means all…

Educating the Scientists of Tomorrow for the Eradication of Disease Donation Confirmation EducationScience
November 11, 2017

Educating the Scientists of Tomorrow for the Eradication of Disease

A few years back I asked my then soon-to-be 10-year-old daughter what she wanted to be when she grew up. Typical 10-year-old boys or girls may answer with the typical top choices, such as: dancer, musician, athlete, firefighter, police officer, doctor, veterinarian, etc. However, my daughter’s answer shocked me with…

The Coolest, Out of This World Type of Job Donation Confirmation EducationScienceTechnology
October 13, 2017

The Coolest, Out of This World Type of Job

What child has not dreamed of flying to space in a rocket, or walking on the moon, or visiting distant galaxies in a spaceship? We probably still daydream about it as adults. How cool would it be to see earth from the moon instead of the other way around? I always thought the coolest job in the world had to be an astronaut, after all they get to do these things and get paid for it. However, I never really decided to pursue being an astronaut. In my 8-year-old mind I saw becoming an astronaut as an impossible dream, not just because I was a child, but because there really weren’t any role models for me to follow into that path. How does one even become an astronaut? Is there an astronaut school? Can girls be astronauts?