June 22, 2018

Public Schools Vs STEM Education

Woodshop is a cool class, but will it help you excel in the workplace? There is no denying most schools core curriculum is seriously out dated. As the economy ventures into a new age of technology and scientific advancements, public education seems to be falling behind. STEM is not widely…

Ways to Introduce STEM to Children Donation Confirmation EducationMathematicsTechnology
June 20, 2018

Ways to Introduce STEM to Children

This morning I woke up and began to help my sisters get ready for the day. Its summer now so they are spending most of their day scarfing down chips and watching tv. I began to think of ways I can make these next few months educational yet fun. They…

Why Learning STEM Early is Good for Your Child Donation Confirmation Education
June 19, 2018

Why Learning STEM Early is Good for Your Child

From birth to age 5, have been accepted as the most critical point in brain development. Studies by the National Science Teachers Association show that young children learn through active exploration—and the drive to observe, interact, discover, and explore. All these traits are crucial for the advancement in STEM since they are the most fundamental aspects.

Making Magic Happen Donation Confirmation Opinion
December 13, 2017

Making Magic Happen

As a parent, Christmas time is one of the most stressful times of the year. The magic of Christmas is no longer magic for me, because I am the one that makes magic happen for others, mainly my children. And when I say magic, I don’t mean just moving the Elves on the shelf during the night, so our children can continue to believe they are really Santa’s helpers coming from the North Pole to spy on them. What I mean is doing some real magic with our finances, so we can buy the presents on our kids’ Santa list.