Manifezt Foundation

Creating Workforce Opportunities With STEM Initiatives

Community Development STEM Nonprofit

Manifezt Foundation is a tech innovation nonprofit that provides STEM and personal development education to youth, entrepreneurs, veterans, and recently incarcerated in under-served communities throughout the South East Region.

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Create Opportunity

Unifying students and entrepreneurs of all backgrounds with local community resources that help foster prosperity and innovation in the South East Region. We’re dedicated to providing STEM and personal development education to local communities through after school and evening programs.

Leveraging community resources, Manifezt Foundation STEM initiatives educate levels ranging from elementary through post-secondary level. Simple mission to prepare and equip individuals with the ability to fully compete in our progressive environment and teach the skills that prospective employers are looking for in an increasingly technical world where computer skills are held at a premium, and are the gate way to high paying jobs.

Youth STEM Program

Manifezt’s YSI is an extensive STEM education program fused with real experiments to captivate, engage, open the minds of participants to better understand real world challenges in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

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Secondary Programs and Initiatives

Community Development Programs

Recently Incarcerated Technology Advancement

Veteran Affairs Technology Reintegration

Entrepreneurs Business Innovation Accelerator