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Growing up here in Miami, our founders were always aware of the stark differences in the quality of education received in contrasting areas.  After quantifying the differences through statistical analysis, our founders bounded together with the goal of making a tangible difference in the STEM education system here in South Florida, resulting in reduced income equality which is currently among the worst in the nation here in Miami-Dade county.  Through providing an educated and talented workforce, and working with our corporate partners to funnel the most talented local college students to their organizations, we aim to turn South Florida in the tech hub of the east coast.

If current trends are allowed to continue uninterrupted, large segments of the local population will be ill-equipped to transition into the high-technology based society the world is transforming into.  Because of this, in addition to what we are doing for the youth, we also have plans to expand into helping recently released prisoners and military veterans transition into the workforce through additional education and matching them up with our corporate partners with job opportunities that match their skill sets.

Our Mission

Understanding stifling life obstacles on a micro and macro level, and providing solutions to them, has always been Manifezt’s focus. The organization’s current programs and initiatives focus on educational workshops through hands-on learning to supplement traditional lecture education. We aim to teach the skills that prospective employers are looking for in an increasingly technological world, one where STEM skills are held at a premium and are the gate way to high paying jobs.

Partnering with forward-thinking organizations to cultivate a community of thoughtful leaders, our foundation aims to bridge generational divides by rectifying socioeconomic issues that have left a gap in opportunity for many born into lower income households. Our leaders believe in the power of education, entrepreneurship, and increasing the availability of the necessary resources to ensure our future innovators can reach their full potential and contribute to our continually transforming society.

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People We're Serving Annually

Working with passionate individuals to research, understand, and impact micro and macro causes where we can influence statistical change in STEM Education.

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