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We are living in an era where diversity in the work place is becoming a vital part of any business. Promoting diversity in the workplace has proven to increase employee performance and promotes greater creativity. So, by default, diversity in the classroom also reaps great benefits.

Diverse classrooms prepare students for careers in job markets with less concern for community or national boundaries. Various backgrounds in a classroom encourages students to communicate and collaborate in a comfortable and creative way. When students learn to interact with those of other races, ethnicities, and cultures it better prepares them for the workforce.

An integrated classroom environment fosters creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving. People with differing viewpoint can each bring something different to the table. It challenges students to constantly think outside the box. When students leave the comfort of our cultural and racial background they learn to interact with their environment. This proves to be beneficial in the future when dealing with people all around the world.

A diverse classroom paves the way for academic success. We cannot grow if we stay the same, learn the same, and interact with the same people constantly. The only way to prosper as a society is to learn how to work well with one another regardless of what gender, race, or culture you are.

Everyone is unique and brings something different to the table. It is easy to stay stuck in your own social circle, but having a diverse classroom moves us out of that dynamic into a better space. A diverse classroom lets students feed off of each other’s strengths and work on bettering their weaknesses. In turn it will better prepare them for the future, in the end that is all we want as parents and teachers and employers.