The effort to prevent bullying has increased significantly throughout the years. Many schools have adopted the anti-bullying strategies and really cracked down on the matter. Many social media influencers have spoken up about it and promoted the anti-bullying movement. Companies like Instagram and twitter have made great strides to prevent bullying on their social platforms. With so much going on and the internet becoming more and more accessible, bullying is still a relevant subject and very much a problem in young adult lives.

With so much going on out there, parents need to be focused on their children in their home. Behavior patterns, more often than not, begin at home. Learning positive social skills from a young age can have a long-lasting impact on kids. Being observant of your child’s behavior, and mood can really be beneficial in catching any signs. Many of the signs that your child is being bullied is seeing torn clothes, loss of appetite due to stress, mood changes, and even bruises. Some signs might be subtle and pass off as just a long day in school. Don’t be afraid to talk to your child and giving them the comfort of knowing they can speak to you about anything big or small. If children are exposed to bullying for a long time they tend to suffer from depression as a result.

Being a bully is just as common as being bullied. Watching for the signs that your child is a bully is equally as important as watching for signs of bullying. When a child is engaging in bullying some of the signs are: impulsiveness, no empathy for those around them, the need for control, and uncontrollable actions. Children who bully others have the tendency to be arrogant, boastful winners and sore losers.

The discipline parents give at home quickly dictate how your child will be outside your doors. A parent that disciplines a child by screaming or hitting will show the child to react in that manner when they are provoked or upset. Many times, a child shows signs of bullying are the main target of aggression at home. By watching the father handle arguments with violence or observing a mother use exclusion or manipulation to those around her translate to the child.

Name-calling is one of the most common forms of bullying amongst children. Therefore, parents need to be aware of their language and the way they deal with certain stressful situations. There can be many efforts in school to prevent bullying but if parents are not willing to change their behavior then these efforts come to a standstill.

The ongoing efforts to prevent bullying are not stopping any time soon. It is important to build a better society for the youth and prepare them for success. Bullying can lead to many problems for children and families. Looking towards the home as the first step in fixing the problem is the best way we can provide a better life for these kids. Don’t be afraid to talk to your kids, come up with solutions together and build a strong relationship that can weather any storm.