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Women Matter

Fight For Gender Equality

Women like Sheryl Sandberg, who have built a reputation by telling women to just “lean in” to get what we want at work has helped pave the way for gender equality. By now, many of us know that the gender pay gap is a real and ongoing issue. Women are…
Daniela Zapata
July 23, 2018

Public Schools Vs STEM Education

Woodshop is a cool class, but will it help you excel in the workplace? There is no denying most schools core curriculum is seriously out dated. As the economy ventures into a new age of technology and scientific advancements, public education seems to be falling behind. STEM is not widely…
Daniela Zapata
June 22, 2018

Can Praising Kids’ Intelligence Be Detrimental?

Every time an article about how to raise successful human beings pops up on my social media feed, I am convinced that being a parent is the toughest job in the world. I often feel that managing and leading employees at work is ten times easier than my job as…
Lina Lorenzo
August 26, 2017