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Nonprofit organizations provide programs and services to the community. When there is a need in the community these organizations are formed to fill in the cracks. By definition, a nonprofit organization is formed for the purpose of serving a public or mutual benefit other than the pursuit of accumulation of profits for owners or investors.

Nonprofit organizations also tend to act faster than government when there is a major issue since they work closer with people in the immediate area. They don’t have to wait for a majority vote, instead they can provide independently for a small group of citizens. A critical function of these organizations is the fact that they provide a mechanism for promoting individual initiatives for the public good. These organizations provide relief for people when it’s hard to find it elsewhere. Whether it’s for health, education, or simple arts and humanities, they are by the people for the people.

Nonprofit organizations are vital for the community since they also provide a means for drawing public attention to societal issues. They are specifically put in place to help communities overpass certain issues, this promotes awareness for specific issues and give incentive for change. These organizations serve as a bridge between capitalism and democracy. In today’s economy it’s very important to stay involved and be up to date on everything around you. With everything changing so fast its crucial to be in the know and understand what you can do to help your community and your country.

Nonprofits receive approximately 10% of their income from donations. The other comes from grants or contracts, investments, earned interest, sales of products, fees for service. Although many people think that donations are higher than 10% the reality is that it is only the third highest source of income for these organizations. Despite efforts to make that number higher, there is still much work to be done to get communities to invest in themselves.

Passion for community growth is the main reason nonprofits start, and volunteering is a key part of the growth. Volunteers bring diversity and personal experience to enhance organizations. There are many reasons to support your local non-profit associations, whatever the reason may be do it. Get involved, donate and be a part of the reason why your community becomes better.