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The world is focused on the global economy and how gas prices are soaring. Questions are being raised about the sustainability of the United States as the global leader. One area that always needs to be in focus is early education. Education has a lagging impact on the economy but we do know that applying an emphasis on education increases entrepreneurs, leaders, and creators. Countries around the world have accepted this and are dedicating themselves to innovating and making education, especially in STEM engaging.

We already know that the United States has fallen behind other countries in producing STEM-related upper degrees. The question now is how will this inevitably impact our economy and our standing as a nation. An excellent way to deal with this dilemma is to reinforce STEM exposure from an early age. With programs like the Manifezt Foundation we can make a sustainable impact around the world one child at a time. Connecting real evidence-based science lessons to practical and fun applications makes for an educational experience like no other. This leads to inspired and joyful learners. Happiness is a key to proper cognition and retention of information. If our children are happy then they will learn, innovate and create.

Education is the key to success.