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Many people spend their young adult lives trying to get out of the community they grew up in, spread their wings and explore new opportunities. But, often times, we tend to forget that the same community we are leaving helped us get those wings in some way. Giving back to your community is a great way to stay connected to people, give back a piece that was given to you.

Donating may be one of the most recognized ways to give back, but there are many other options. Small Businesses have a big impact on the character of your community. They help mold its dynamic and keeps an emphasis on the phrase, “By the pole, for the people” By shopping at the local corner store rather than a larger competing company, it brings value to the community and helps to uplift its value.

Participating in local Food Drives is another great way to give back. Aside from the fact that it requires little time effort and time, it’s a great way to give to those in need. Aside from food drives, sponsoring a Youth Sports Team is yet another way to give back. You will be helping to fund the local soccer or basketball team and giving kids a chance to create great memories to one day do as you do.

There are many ways you can give back to your community or any community for that matter. By offering your skills, encouraging volunteerism, building a house, or sponsoring an event, you are the reason for good change in the world around you. Fostering these good habits not only enriches your life, but of those around you as well. As a vital part of your community, show support to those who have supported you.