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Education is the single strongest predictor of success. Organizations are investing in the education of their employees at higher rates than ever before. The emphasis on reinforced education needs to begin with our children. Finding unique and powerful ways to learn and develop will be key in creating a future worth living in. Companies already realize that guiding their employees to learn new skills substantially increases profitability and success. Organizations need to make ongoing education free and accessible in their work culture.

The changing labor market and the face of education will never be the same. Hybrid learning requires us to master our computers and connected devices to enrich our minds. Everyone is tossing around the idea of the Metaverse and how much our lives will change. 2022 is here and so is the Metaverse. Gen Z is predicted to be over 35% of the workforce by the end of 2022. The great resignation has sped this process up. Shrinking the massive skills gap required for jobs in a world set on automation will become key. Investing in the required STEM exposure begins now to foster the next generation of diverse and successful creators.