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Humans have always explored and found new ways to survive, thrive and grow. Space Policy Directive 1 was signed in 2017 to return American astronauts to the moon and initiate long-term space exploration. There are still many challenges to conquer because Earth has all of the requirements to sustain life. We must leave our protective atmosphere and face cosmic radiation, low gravity leads to bone density loss and humans must adapt to the motion sickness.

When you survey American adolescents about what they want to be when they “Grow Up,” their answer is 3 times more likely to be famous than be an astronaut. Meanwhile, children in China want to go to space. Early excitement and exposure to STEM are key in curbing the tide and bringing science back into the love of children’s minds. There are many challenges ahead of us but with passionate educators and STEM education embedded into their daily lives, we can bring American children back into STEM to inspire creativity.

Reach Out Into Space