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Education has changed, we must accept how students are learning differently from previous generations. The vast plethora of information has always continued to grow at an astronomical rate. Take medical school, for example, the pep-talk you are given often includes how learning in medical school is like trying to drink from a fire hydrant.

There are so many excellent tools available to expand our children’s minds and get them enthusiastic about STEM and learning. Online videos, digital resources, virtual reality, science-related websites the list goes on and on. If we as educators are not harnessing these tools and actively adding them to our teaching repertoire we are failing not just the learners but ourselves.

The future of education is changing right before our eyes and the pandemic only increased the rate of change. It was the catalyst to provide the digitalization of education and squeeze everyone in education out of their comfort zone. Now let’s see the growth continue and allow the future to be embraced by harnessing our learners’ digital strengths.